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Build Yo’own ChatGPT with OpenAI API and Gradio

The OpenAI API allows developers to create a chatbot using the advanced text-davinci-003 model, which is widely considered to be an enhanced version of GPT-3, known as GPT3.5. This model can be utilized to replicate the functionality of the original ChatGPT. The currently available model closest to ChatGPT, even though it may not be identical, is built on the foundation of the InstructGPT model, which is similar to text-davinci-003.

The API has a remarkable ability to engage in conversations with both humans and itself. By providing minimal guidance and a few examples, the API can function as a customer service chatbot that responds to inquiries with intelligence and composure or a witty conversationalist that makes jokes and puns. The secret to its success is in specifying the desired behavior and providing sample interactions.

Figure 01: Working Mechanism of Clone ChatGPT


  • 1. Get your OpenAI API key here –
  • 2. Create and activate virtual environmemt
  • 3. Replace that key in the
  • 4. Install the required libraries pip install -r requirements.txt
  • 5. Run python

!!Download ChatGPPT Clone Code!!

Sunil Ghimire has been working on this inspiring project i.e. “ChatGPT Clone”. This initiative will potentially help AI developers to spend more time on creative tasks and research more on the latest AI topic.

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