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Create a Dynamic ID Card – Python Project

Hello, Hope You are doing well. In this tutorial, we are going to build something real beautiful python program. We’ll build an identity card generator python program. So, the purpose of this program is to create a digital identity card for an organization and for a company. Also, we have integrated a QR code to make a personal identity more unique which can be accessed by other digital devices too.

Imported Libraries

Steps involved to run the identity card generator program

  • a. Install Python, QRcode, and PIL library on your computer. (Download Link)

  • b. Just need to run id_card_generator.py

  • c. All fields are mandatory

  • d. Avoid any kind of spelling mistake

  • e. Enjoy the Digital ID card


ID card generator python program
Figure 1: Identity Card Generator Python Program

Thanks for your time ☺

What do you think of this Identity Card Generator Program? Let us know by leaving a comment below. (Appreciation, Suggestions, and Questions are highly welcome).

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