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Discover the Future: A Curated Index for the Best AI-Powered Products

A comprehensive, community-curated directory that aims to catalog and showcase the most outstanding AI-powered products. This index is not exhaustive, but rather a compilation of research and contributions from the community.


curated list of top AI Tools.
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Art & Creativity

ToolsUsed forLink
AI Magic Tools (by runway)creativity tools to edit and generate content🔗
AvatarAIcreate photorealistic AI avatars🔗
ClipDropapps, plugins, and resources for creators, powered by AI🔗
DreamStudioopen-sourced image generation model to product realistic images🔗
LensaAI-powered image editing app for avatars🔗
MidjourneyAI-powered art generator🔗
Phraserthe collaborative creative AI tool🔗
Playgroundsearch prompts for art generation🔗
SynthesiaAI video creation platform🔗
RytrAutomating the design process🔗
Craiyon (Formerly DALL-E Mini)Free online AI image generator from text🔗
IRIS Clarity StudioAI powered online tool for voice isolation/noise cancellation🔗

Conversational AI

ToolsUsed forLink
Character.AIconversational AI for open-ended conversations🔗
ChatGPT (by OpenAI)conversational AI system powered by large language models🔗
DoNotPaythe world’s first robot lawyer🔗
Replikaan AI companion🔗


ToolsUsed forLink
Interior AIinterior design mockups and virtual staging🔗
stockimg.aiAI-powered designs🔗
Brand MarkGenerating brand logos🔗
Magic EraserRemoving unwanted elements from images🔗
bigJPGIncreasing image resolution🔗
Profile Pic MakerCreating profile pictures🔗


ToolsUsed forLink
Anypod.aisemantic search engine for YouTube and podcast content🔗
Ask Bottapersonal teaching assistant🔗
Podly.aisummarized podcasts🔗
LorroPractice speaking English with an AI tutor🔗
SlidesAI.ioAn AI Powered Text to Presentation Tool, Works with Google Slides🔗
FlairAI design tool for branded content🔗


ToolsUsed forLink
Chat Data Prepdata transformation using plain english🔗
Codeiumfree AI powered code completion🔗
Ghostwriter (by Replit)AI pair programmer🔗
GitHub Copilotan AI pair programmer🔗
Liner.aiCreates classification models from your data🔗
PhindLLM-powered search engine for developers and technical questions🔗
Promptable.aithe ultimate workspace for prompt engineering🔗
Suppress.jsBuilding or augmenting backend with AI🔗
DystrAI powered analysis / cloud runtime🔗

Gaming, 3D, Motion

ToolsUsed forLink
Imagine 3D (by Luma AI)tool for prototyping 3D objects with text🔗
move.aiAI-powered real-time motion capture🔗
Scenariocreating AI-generated game assets🔗
Inworld AIcreate any character you can imagine🔗


ToolsUsed forLink
Choppity.comInstantly turn long podcast videos into short TikToks🔗
copy.aiAI content generator🔗
JasperAI content creator🔗
Magic Summaries by Sybillcreate automatic, accurate sales call summaries using AI🔗
Peechvideo content creator for content marketing🔗
HeadlinesGenerating headlines for content marketing🔗


ToolsUsed forLink
GPT for Sheets and Docsintegrate GPT in your everyday tools🔗
LexWeb based AI writing tool🔗
Smart Write & Smart Edit (by Mem)knowledge-aware AI writer🔗
DraftLabGmail copilot🔗
Adeptuseful general intelligence🔗
AutoRegExAI based Text to Regex conversion🔗
NotionAIAI Writing tool🔗
DystrAI powered analysis / cloud runtime🔗

Search Engines & Tools

ToolsUsed forLink
Ask Anything (by Perplexity)combines large language models with search engines for question answering🔗
Bird SQL (by Perplexity)AI-powered search for the Twitter’s social graph🔗
Metaphora system to search the internet with large language models🔗
Rewindsearch engine for your life🔗
TasmaniaYouTube video search🔗
YouAI powered search engine🔗

Research Tools

ToolsUsed forLink
ConsensusAI powered search for research papers🔗
Elicitan AI research assistant🔗
Explainpaperan AI research assistant🔗


ToolsUsed forLink
PicterraAI geospatial software platform for feature & change detection in satellite, drone, & aerial imagery🔗

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