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FunMirrors – AI Project

Computer vision and machine learning have really started to take off, but for most people, the whole idea of what a computer is seeing when it’s looking at an image is relatively obscure.

 Mike Kreiger

In this project, we’ll build a FunMirrors program based on computer vision. So, the concept of computer vision in this program is used to relate to the computer projection matrix and geometry of the image formation.

FunMirrors Program will help you to gain the following fundamental concepts:

  • 1. Camera Projection Matrix
  • 2. Camera’s intrinsic and extrinsic parameters
  • 3. Image Remapping

Explanation of the above fundamental Concepts:

  • 1. Camera Project Matrix: Provides mapping of an image captured by the respective camera to a 3D world corresponding pixel coordinate

  • 2. Camera’s intrinsic and extrinsic parameters: Camera Projection Matrix depends upon the intrinsic and extrinsic parameters. So, intrinsic parameters are the initial properties of the camera (focal length, apparent pixel size, and principal point offset) which do not change when rotating or translating the camera in the 3D world. And intrinsic parameters are those parameters of the camera which depend on the pose of the camera (camera rotation and camera translation).

  • 3. Image remapping: Provides properties to change the location of the pixel

Similarly, we are using a virtual camera to generate various effects by changing the different parameters of the camera. 

Note: Link to complete a virtual camera is explained in this repository. (View Repo)

Step involved to run this FunMirrors program: 

  • 1. Download the repository and Unzip the files
  • 2. Install all required libraries
  • 3. Run the program
  • 4. Enjoy with FunMIrrors Program.


Fun Mirrors Image

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