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Google Chrome Dinosaur Game with Eye Blink – AI Free Code

In Google Chrome, T-Rex or the dinosaur game is an Easter egg that occurs when you are disconnected from the internet. It is often considered as “No Internet Game”. Today we are going to build a model to play “Google Chrome Dinosaur Game with Eye Blink“. Here you can play dinosaur games for free from your Desktop computer or Laptop. Controls of the Google Chrome Dinosaur Game is very simple by using only eye blink to play this game, you have to jump over cactus and dodge underneath obstacles. The speed of the game will also increase when you jump over obstacles. Increasing the speed of the game will also change the mode of the game i.e. day mode will change to night mode. The longer you survive, the better the score you will get.

The objective is straightforward, blink your eyes to jump and see how far and how fast you can without dying by one of the many obstacles i.e. cactus and flying birds.  


  • a. Dinosaur
  • b. Bird
  • c. Cactus


  • a. Python 3.5 or above
  • b. OpenCV 3.1.0 or above
  • c. NumPy
  • d. dlib
  • e. Pyautogui
  • f. Math


  • a. pip install numpy
  • b. pip install opencv-python
  • c. pip install opencv-contrib-python
  • d. pip install pyautogui
  • e. pip install math
  • f. python -m pip install The URL can be found in the below link. Choose according to your version.


  • a. Open Google Chrome. Hit the URL – chrome://dino
  • b. Run “”
  • c. On your eye blink, the dinosaur will jump over the obstacles
  • d. Enjoy Chrome Dinosaur Game

!! Download Code Now !!

Credit: Vishal Thapa

☺ Thanks for your time ☺

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Jump & Play Chrome Dinosaur Game – Code Available

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