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Task Manager – Python Project

In order to run a task manager program based on Python you just have to run the python file named So, Task manager is a simple application for managing tasks where data are stored in JSON files.

Requirements needed to run the task manager program

  • a. Python 3 and above version is needed to run the program.

  • b. You need to install tkcalender.
    >>> pip install tkcalender

Note: Tkcalender is used for the DataEntry and Calendar widgets for Tkinter.


  • a. Download the repository and unzip the file.

  • b. Run the python file named

  • c. Enjoy managing tasks.


  • a. The task contains information like the title, description, date of start, date of end.

  • b. You have the ability to store several tasks in a file.

  • c. You have the ability to add, remove, and edit tasks of a file.

  • d. A program has standard functionalities like Open the file, Save, Save As, …… Quit Program.

List of shortcuts for task manager program

  • a. <Ctrl>-<O> : Open a file

  • b. <Ctrl>-<S> : Save the current file

  • c. <Ctrl>-<W> : Close current file

  • d. <Ctrl>-<Q> : Quit application

  • e. <Alt>-<Up> : Select previous tasks (go Up in the list)

  • f. <Alt>-<Down> : Select next tasks (go Down in the list)

  • g. <Alt>-<D> : Delete selected task

  • h. <Alt>-<A> : Toggle About Frame

  • i. <Alt>-<V> : Validate changes in memory (but not on disk)

  • j. <F1>: Toggle Help Frame

Results of task manager program

Saving Demo Task
Figure 1: Saving Demo Task
Figure 2: Opening example data
Figure 3: Example data with list of shortcuts
Figure 4: Modifying date of Task One


Task Manager Python Project
Figure 5: Image for task management

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