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Lumberjack Game using Python – Free Code Available

If it’s possible, always use automation!”, last night I played a lumberjack game with my friends and raced to get a higher and better ranking. It just came to my mind after a few beatings and losing, “why not writing a code that can play on behalf of me?” I created a basic python code to play a “lumberjack game using python” just for the sake of having fun and refreshing my python knowledge. I have just coded 50-lines of Python code where I used only the RGB detection and programmatically controlled mouse and keyboard.

Note: The code plays the game fast and precise.


  • 1. Lumberjack
  • 2. Axe
  • 3. Branch of tree


You need to install autopy to control the mouse and keyboard and check the RGB color of the pixels on your screen.

>>> pip install -U autopy

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Before running the code, you need to set your browser location properly, because this code is checking the color of the specific location in the game scene.

Lumberjack Game using PythonFigure 01: Lumberjack Game using Python


There are two versions:

  • 1. v1: using non-deque based method
  • 2. V2: using deque method

Hossein Siamaknejad has been working on this inspiring project i.e. “Lumberjack Game using Python“. This initiative will potentially help Python developers to spend more time on creative tasks and research more on the latest Python topic.

☺ Thanks for your time ☺

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